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Originally Posted by trouts2 View Post
2. Any new teams that join, do they take over a team? do we re-draft? do we hold 6 and then new teams do a draft with all the players thrown back in until the get to 6.

Any new managers should take over a team and then we draft from the players remaining.

5. I would not change scoring system, I think that is fine. If enough people wanted to change it, i think we would need to re-draft. since this is a points league, a couple little changes can dramatically increase/decrease a players value.

the scoring should stay the same, should we decrease the # weekly transactions to decrease pitcher streamlining?

6. Divisions/Payouts will depend on number of teams so that can be decided later.

the weekly payouts were a nice way to keep people interested, but it seemed like the same people who it every time. Maybe we should change it to most points scored week 1, most doubles week 2, most HR week 3, most pitching Ks week 4, etc. Something like that
I do not like that idea for new managers because that gives them less control of building their own teams. Existing managers should pick their six keepers, then the rest are fair game for the new managers for their first six picks. If we keep our six and then enter the draft before the new managers get their six, that places them at a large disadvantage.

I think the scoring for the position players is fine but not sure I like the pitchers scoring format. Points for an inning pitched and a few of the others I would like to talk about. Lindros, can you post the current scoring format in the OP when you get a chance?

I too like the weekly payout but only if we get the steaming under control and the point system with pitching. Without H2H, would there not be any divisions? Would it just be the top three scores from the season total that gets a final payout? If so, I like that. Considering with 12 teams that is 25% on the league getting a final prize.
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