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I probably open 50+ cases of hockey a year (maybe more, I've done 8 cases in the last two weeks). Probably 35-40 of those are Panini products. I don't think that I will increase my UD opening at all, so that will just be 35-40 cases of hockey less that I buy and will probably replace it with football. As a dealer who gave up his direct contracts, I can't get UD products with the same ease that I get Panini. It's too bad. Competition is good for the marketplace and UD is a shadow of it's former self.
If you have to explain why it's a 1/1, then it's NOT a 1/1.

Looking for Andre Dawson Serial numbered cards that are his jersey number - either #8 or #10. So looking for cards like 8/8 or 08/99 or 10/250.
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