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Originally Posted by Seahawks fan View Post
If you can hook your 360 to the internet and you have a 20gig or higher hard drive then I suggest getting xbox live gold... right now on the 1st and 16th of every month they give away a free game. You can get a 3 month for $20 bucks and it will pay for itself with 1 free game.

Since you suggested enjoying killing zombies and Mass effect then I suggest Dead Island - It is another game where you do missions/Level up/skill tree with tons of game play.
i can't believe I forgot Dead Island. This game is more fun via multiplayer though.

get Riptide too, it's the "2nd" game.

I went hard into Dead Island, got all the "special weapons". I got the force-lightning glove, but when I tried to duplicate it (through a glitch) the glove just disappeared. Got what I deserved
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Don't ask me how much I want to offer. Come with a price in mind. If I don't want it or think it's worth that, I will let you know.

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