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Originally Posted by danmecum51 View Post
no way he did it on purpose. If he thought you were turning a profit, he just wouldnt sign. I got my 3rd one back from him today in 8x10 form and it was flawless... do you have a scan of the card?

I don't have a scan of the card yet. It was a Topps Mayo card. Those things are THICK. I don't know if the post office machines could tear those thick cards up like that. Maybe some secretary was a little rough with it. I'm going to take a break from Mr. Manning. I certainly don't want to cross the line between fan and nuisance. Dan, I just saw your latest Manning. That's pretty sweet.

On a side note, Peyton is possibly the most intelligent player to ever put pads on. I bet his memory is impressive. I would be willing to be that he can recognize follow up requests from a lot of fan mail.
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