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Sorry .. took a side trip to Los Angeles to visit a buddy and also spend some time at Frank and Sons.

Broke the last 9 cases in LA with my buddy.

Dont remember the exact break down but ended with the following out of the last 9 cases:

3 Chris Pines
2 Nimoys
3 Peggs
2 Ben Cross
no Quintos

4 Alice Eves
4 Wallers
5 Nichols
5 Lawrence
5 of each Tarabays

Collation for the 18 cases was pretty bad -

only made one gold set of each.
made 3 silver sets
4 Costume Sets
3 Badge Sets
only 1 Quinto autograph

4 Cases did not have an EL.

1 Case had 2 ELs

1 Case had 3 ELs. Pegg, Cross, Pine

2 Cases had 3 VLs - both were the same - Eve, Waller, Nichols
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