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Originally Posted by MattGatewood View Post
Quick question...what is the process for shared cards? Is it immediately randomed off or is there a period where involved parties can cut deals? What if there are four players with 2 on one team and 1 from two other teams? Does the team with 2 players get two entries in the random? Sorry for the detailed questions...but just my first don't know how excited to be if the quad auto with Oscar Robertson (Bucks), Jerry West (Lakers), Elgin Baylor (Lakers), and Bob Cousy (Celtics)...are my odds 1:4 or 1:3...

anyway, any help would be appreciated...oh man...i am stoked about tonight...
I think randoms are suppose to be done by the mods anyways so i would not do the randoming immediately. I would give everyone until Tuesday night to figure out deals before sending the list to the mods for randoming.
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