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Originally Posted by dangun61 View Post
Nick, looks this is still a go to ship on the 10th. Any guesstimates on when the break will be? Also, did you already do a randomization and I missed it? Cant wait, this is always a fun break!
I spoke with Chris yesterday and he said it would ship today. I haven't recieved any shipping info yet. If it did ship today it should be a Friday break at the earliest, Monday at the latest. If I don't get any info in the morning I will contact him again.
Originally Posted by lionsrule54 View Post
this released today, right? any idea on when the break will be?
Hopefully Friday at the earliest, Monday at the latest.
Originally Posted by coaltowncards View Post
Are you still looking to rid yourself of these??
Are Ya cubby?

Originally Posted by Dacubs View Post
Is the random happening soon???
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