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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
I wil be psoting my list when I get home...thanks for doing this!!

Also is it ok for them to be in toploaders and magnetics? the ones i want to get graded are the more valuable ones like my Timmy Gold 07 Bowmans Best auto/50 and a few others i have in magnetics
Per Beckett...

Cards should be sent in oversized (3.25" X 5") semi-rigid holders (such as a Card Saver I). Penny sleeves may also be used in conjunction with the oversized semi-rigid holders. BGS will not be responsible for any damages incurred by the use of other holders.

I have friends who sent cards in toploaders that are convinced BGS damaged some of their cards. However, it's obviously still possible to slightly damage a card removing it from a Card Saver. Plus, for thicker cards the Card Savers aren't very practical.

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