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Originally Posted by Burt-Reynolds View Post
the hype is real. woooooooooooooooo. still a day to go too.

Guardians of The Galaxy 1 1st Print 2008 VF N M High Grade Rocket Raccoon Movie | eBay

i just put this up to see what would happen. i still have another one in better condition, i should prbly get it graded. annihilation conquest #6 is creeping up to 50 bucks a book now too.

Thanos Imperative 1 6 VF NM to NM 2010 Guardians of The Galaxy Nova | eBay

this is a pretty nice sale too. i scooped a few of these sets for nothing last year. you can probably still find them in dollar bins.

i'm not sure if i should cash everything out right now, or keep holding. i was all about holding until all of this happened. i still think these books will hold steady and go up more, i mean the damn movie doesn't come out until august, but i don't want to be one of the people holding the bag if the hype dies out.

Here's goes another one!

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