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Originally Posted by Brad68to96 View Post
armyatc22, how do we do the draft? Never been in a player draft break before. If for some reason a person couldnt be there for a live draft how do their spots get picked? Best available? worst available?
Im going to post the rules of the draft in a few days. If you know that you will not be around you need to send me a preranked list asap. Since I have access to the computer almost all the time i can update the list as much as I can. Im going to set time frames on when the draft will take place IF its at a standstill. During the day each person will have a timeframe of about 2 hours to make a pick before I make the best avail descision for them. I will go off who i think has the best chance to get a hit.

ALSO I just sent the request to Chris to order the Case. I had some extra cash in my paypal so I can go ahead and order it now. SO with that said as soon as its paid up, randomized, and drafted we can bust the case.

Thanks again for filling this group break and getting these payments in so quick lets keep it rolling into the draft
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