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Originally Posted by oldgoldy97 View Post
I tried contacting the host yesterday before he left, but I didn't get home from work until after 7:00. And guess what? I have a mortgage, a car payment and three kids. I'm not trying to make you laugh. If I wanted to do that, I'd use the same kind of spelling and grammar that you did. I think all three of my kids know english better than that. Maybe you should spend your hard-earned cash on getting that GED instead of another sketch card, bud. And I'm pretty sure my post wasn't taking a shot at anyone, but was pretty straight forward and matter of fact. But seeing as how you opened up that can of worms, I have no qualms about letting you have it.
Excuse me Mr. English man, yup, English is my second language and yes, I can mistype stuff when I type quickly.

It's not like I'm doing a PhD research/thesis paper but still it makes you very dumb to point that out (that my grammar sucks).

But it's funny, that a dude who is an immigrant makes more money then you and can afford group breakes and sketch cards.

Anyway, if you have so many "problems" and you can't even find stinky $ 60 I feel VERY bad for you.

Do you think I don't work? Do you think I don't have bills to pay?

I'm not going to say: "Sorry man, you've got bills, I forgive you, it's cool..." freaking way.

It's your responsibility to manage your finances BEFORE you join a break.

I would understand if we were talking about $ 600 but SIXTY dollars? Please.

Cry me a river.
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