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not the mavs...has a lot of hits..and actually has a big rookie

will trade and can add paypal if need be... lakers, warriors, kings, bucks, clippers, and maybe celtics

im also buying teams for this break if your one of these teams ill pay full price maybe more
boston, raps, thunder, 76ers, bucks, bulls, lakers, clippers, kings and maybe new orleans

if your team isnt on your list im payin less to be honest your most likely gonna lose on this break unless u pull a logoman or if your the hawks and pull a few of their nice autos and pacers if you plan to sell the rookie quickly you can get 40 to 50 for it.

and if you have one of these teams im payin 20 or less cause you have like zero hits sorry. wizards have nothing to root for, cavs only if u pulll the logoman thats it, magic have a couple of 4 dollar jersey cards in every case, miami the logoman has been pulled and they have nothin but a beasley 3.99 auto or a j oneal auto that the last 3 didnt even get a .99 bid on.

but good luck to all...maybe your team pulls the logoman.. but only 13 to 15 teams hold the real cards in the break.

and congrats squid lakers about 80% of the time have an auto. could eaily make 150 or 200 if you sell before the break...

and sorry if you disagree or feel bad your team isnt worth much unless you pull a logoman
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