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Originally Posted by Starling2732 View Post
Bump for a great seller
Thank you!

Originally Posted by metsplaya123 View Post
Great ill be there!
Awesome see you around 8:30est

Originally Posted by jake312 View Post
Man, that JoFer is a beauty!
It sure is! I'll be posting a bgs 9/10 atomic auto sometime this week too

Originally Posted by srjrimfire12 View Post
Id be interested in the Lorenzen black wave.
Please post or pm an offer or take at full price if interested, thanks!

Originally Posted by dbacksfan4life View Post
I so wish i had the funds for that Eaton!
It's pretty darn nice, .5 away from 9.5 every now and then I think of cracking and re-subbing it. Never done that before though so a bit scared to do so
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