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i dont do the back and forth with men over the internet. (noobs do though)

So if anyone wants to sell their team pm me. Of course im going to want to buy teams with zero hits for cheap who wouldnt as well as Ill pay more for the teams that have more or greater hits.

But if you want to buy a bunch of teams with little to no hits full price by all means do so. I promise you the wizards (with maybe a shot of a wes auto), heat (both logo mans been pulled and the great j oneal or beasley 3 dollar auto, and the magic and the dwight howard single color jersey. Those people will gladly sell em for 60.

Never asked or even mentioned your spurs. Hope
you pull a ice man they look nice and a blair game gear auto.

and maybe i pulll another redemption of BOBBY and hope he comes back from his broken ankle or a j kidd logo or tag

so good luck and mind ya business on me buying teams no need for the hate
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