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Originally Posted by BostonNut View Post
I'm a little concerned about the defensive breakdowns in the 3rd period. That's not what you want to see with the season winding down.

Also...that disallowed goal was atrocious! That is a situation where video replay would be a welcome addition!
Have to agree with the defense interpretation as they have had 'moments' the last few games and would have had the streak ended far earlier if not for Tuukka & Johnson!!

I know Claude has been auditioning along with switching up the nightly defensive pairings but it's too that point where he needs to get these guys paired up and on a steady nightly schedule. I have been very impressed with Miller who has been playing some very steady defense and it helps that he's a banger!!

Looks like the Conference will be clinched in the near future and the Presidents Trophy is still in the picture, that being said Big Z needs some time off and now's that time.

Does not look like we will be seeing McQuaid in the near future and I would think not even for the 1st Rd. of the playoffs compound that with the loss of Seidenberg for the season, and it looks like picking up Meszaros at the deadline was a good move after all. He has been serviceable filling in and paired with Miller.
So if I am going to be a hater who hates the Patriots then buddy I am going to be the best damn hater I can be. I AM ALL IN.

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