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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
So if "we're not going to play this game right now", why are you continuing on? Is it for the same reason you stated you weren't going to find other questions in this thread, yet you went ahead and searched for and posted a few anyway?

I have already been given answers to my questions. Believe me, my voice has been heard. Has yours?
Actually, I will be honest with you Matt. You always preach about looking for a compnay that does everythign right, and no redmeptions and quality. There was somethin seriously messed up here with cards being auctioned off, yet they were appearing on a sell sheet. I think I was almost counting on you to hold your ground with those same emotions and opinions here. But for someone reason, I feel let down. I seriously though you would fight for the same things you always fight for, but you didn't. I can honestly say, that I'm dissapointed - I think I was actually counting on you this time.
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