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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
So if "we're not going to play this game right now", why are you continuing on? Is it for the same reason you stated you weren't going to find other questions in this thread, yet you went ahead and searched for and posted a few anyway?

I have already been given answers to my questions. Believe me, my voice has been heard. Has yours?
Brian Gray has the chance in open forum to answer this, and how about YOU Wheeler since you defend company owners who come in here to both insult and threaten collectors.
I saw the sell sheet for Rookie Retro and ordered 2 cases. The sell sheet pictured a Jason Heyward 1/1 card, yet the same card is listed under your eBay name. Someone purchased this card, so its no longer is the product. You said on video with Beckett you have been buying these cards for the purpose of the rookie retro product. Why was it FOR SALE once the sheet was released?

No we do know someone DID NOT purchase it, but what if they did? Then what happens with the product and sell sheet info? Brian Gray did tell me in PM that it was a mistake, and thats fine it happens I guess.
My question is: Why say on video your buying it for the product yet its been for sale by you on eBay?
I think we are entitled to ask these questions am I wrong?
Im hoping Wheeler will stay off this topic completely as it seems the recent products he has endorsed are dropping by the week. Hopefully his thoughts and posts will not taint people on more products. As I see it, Wheeler is hurting public opinion on Sportkings products with his rants far worse than any of these questions regarding rookie retro.
Ill say it again. If done right, Rookie Retro could be a great product with HUGE potential. Its a great idea. Alot of other ideas could be done as well. How about a product with past high dollar wax/hobby boxes in it randomized. Lots of places to go with Brian Grays ideas and company, and I hope they are done right.
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