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Originally Posted by Zerokruel View Post
Matt, when topps put seats in the Tribute cards as relics are UD did fake Yugi O cards - you were all up in it. Right now, we have someone here and we could ask him what would have happened. Some valid questions could be asked. Some wrongs things happened. Some very wrong things - but I don't see you doing what you normally do.

I'm just dissapointed you didn't treat Razor/leaf with the same regards you would treat other companies.
What on earth are you talking about Byron? Did you not quote me when I commented on some of the questionable things Razor did?

This is the 3rd time I'm going to say it...My questions have been answered regarding Razor and Brian Gray. Upper deck and Topps have not answered anything to my satisfaction that would make me want to buy their products. In fact, I'm not confident they're ever going to stop what they've done in the past. I hope they do, but I don't have that "all warm inside" feeling about them.

It's almost as if you're disappointed that I'm not going into battle with you or something. I fight battles all the time by myself. Do you really need my help? Is that why you're disappointed? It sure sounds that way to me.
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