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Originally Posted by Zerokruel View Post
I never got the answer. What would have happened if the card was sold?

I don't need you to stand by my side and fight any battle. However, I would like to see you stand up and say the same thing right now you said before about ever other compnay who has done wrong to the people. Not just cherry pick who ever you feel like. You received an answer that satisfied you, and I guess that was enough for you. My problem is, that Razor has sold a lot of item on Ebay in the past - while marketing that same item (their Vault line). It was a repeat offense and they didn't learn the first time. Yet, everything is fine and dandy with you because you got a satisfactory answer. How does that saying go? "Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me." I think the saying applies here witeh Razor.
Byron, your beef is between you and Razor right now. I have nothing to do with it anymore. Why would I continue to bash something after I have been satisfied?

Why again are you disappointed in me? Is it because you'd like me on your side with your stance? It's honestly the only thing that's making sense at the moment.
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