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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
Let's see...

- I did not endorse Bowman baseball, yet it's been dropping since the end of July.
- I did not endorse Allen & Ginter, yet it's been dropping the last two weeks.
- I did not endorse Topps Chroms, yet it's been steadily dropping since the first week of July.
- I did not endorse Topps Finest, yet it's dropped over 10% since July 1st.
- The last time Heritage climbed in price was the first week in May, and has since declined in price. I did not endorse this product either.

The fact is that I could go on and on and on about products that I don't talk about that have dropped in value and continue to drop in value. More people have opened Sportkings because I am making them aware of the product than those that are turned off by me. Again, even CBO bought SK this year.

Cruiserdaddy, if you're going to make posts like this, you should at least tell the whole story.
One difference here, and thats the products you mention above are above COST. Ringside boxing, how low can it go? Sportkings, down to $60 maybe? $50? As I have been saying no value in this stuff, and people are turned off by your obsession with it and blindness to reality when it comes to anything Sportkings.
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