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Default Opinions on me and my brothers fantasy team

Me and my brother joined a 12 team league at his work and we did the draft last night. Standard point scoring and a 14 man team and the lineup goes like this Qb, Rb, Rb, Flex either Rb or Wr, Wr, Wr, Te, Def, and K. Then 5 on the bench.

Here is our team we had the 3rd pick overall
(3) Adrian Peterson
(22) Randy Moss
(27) Cedric Benson
(46) Vernon Davis
(51) Steve Smith (Car)
(70) Jonathan Stewart
(75) Eli Manning
(94) Hakeem Nicks
(99) Vince Young
(118) Titans def
(123) Michael Bush
(142) Doplhins Def
(147) Mason Crosby
(166) Sidney Rice

We figured what the heck on Sidney Rice on our last pick. He was still there and if he comes back in week 8 then great if not we didnt really miss out on anything else. We had actually forgot about him until then and we realized he was still on the board. I feel like we did real good with the exception of Def and maybe Qb.
Our Starting lineup should look like this:

Qb. Eli Manning
Rb. Ap
Rb. Benson
Rb. Stewart
Wr. Moss
Wr. Smith (car)
Te. Davis
Def. Titans
K. Crosby
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