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Weber Order #: 84273

One Case of National Treasures Basketball

Here are the hits from the case.

Box 1:

Rooke Auto Patch: Hasheem Thabeet /25

Timeline Prime Patch: 5/5

Notable Nicknames: Clyde Drexler /25

Timeline patch auto: Blake Griffin /30

Box 2:
Kevin Garnett Base logo team tag 1/1

NBA Greatest auto: Isiah Thomas 10/10

Box 3:

Colossal Jumbo Patch: Tyler Hansbrough /10

Colossal Jumbo Patch Auto: Stephen Curry /49

Colossal Number Prime Patch auto: Deron Williams /5

Box 4:

Rookie Patch Auto: Jrue Holiday

NBA Greastest Auto: Larry Bird /5

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