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Originally Posted by SteveSmith12 View Post
I would go way more in-depth if I wasn't on my iPad.

I love the picks you've stocked up. I say You target Rodgers, Mathews, Best, Finley, and Malcom Floyd if you can. In a keeper league I would be fine settling for Mathews! Hope it helps backer.

And third, second, third? Jesus. Hopefully its not the same guy that has your number!
No, it's 2nd/2nd/3rd. Last year I was 12-1, got a bye in week 13. Played against my brother who got a girlfriend around week 8 and hadn't paid attention since. I had to set his roster for him (against) me and did it honestly. Flacco throws 4 TDs for him and Brady gets me 7 points against Buffalo, beats me by 5 points. He goes on to win the Championship while I would've won the Championship week by 60+ points.
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