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Manning is also a SB loser which they never tend to do good. Last time he had a year like he had last year, he followed with a 3700 yard 27 TD season and after watching Rodgers last night, can you pass on that. Id take a RB and than get a Schaub, Romo or other mid end QB like that with ur 15th pick. I like Gore or S-Jax with a PPR league and Im high on Ryan Matthews too. He looks good this year. Rodgers wouldnt be bad though and I dont think Manning will outscore Rodgers though and if you can get Finley to go with him you can get that combo for their TDs but Finley is gonna put up WR numbers I think, hes getting 5+ catches in games and hes only playing the first half. Whatever you choose, good luck man. I have my big money league draft coming up on the 5th. I waited to long on a QB in my first money league draft but Im relying on Kolb which I dont mind cuz the Eagles pass 75% of the time which Ill take.

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