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Originally Posted by SportCardBuffet View Post
Hey guys, have been considering trying COMC for some of my cards and have looked at some things but still have questions especially since they have currently been doing that huge update.

1. It seems they charge .25 per card you send in as the process fee. So when I go to price it is .26 the lowest I can go in terms of turning a profit or does COMC take something from that?
They take 20% if you cash out. But as far as COMC credit, yes, $0.26 would mean you made $0.01 on the sale. However, keep in mind you pay to ship the cards to them so depending on the batch size and how much shipping cost you, you're probably looking at at least a few cents per card in shipping costs. Also, most buyers will see the price as $0.51 since they have $0.25 tacked on for shipping in simplified shipping mode. Most flippers will still see $0.26 though, as they opt not to pay the $0.25 shipping up front.

Originally Posted by SportCardBuffet View Post
2. Processing takes 2-8 weeks on the basic package, does it always take until the 8th week or can it be quicker? When I submit to BGS it always seems like they wait until that last business day to grade.
Supposed to be quicker and they do it in bunches so almost certainly some of your cards will go up much quicker. Unfortunately, right now things are all f'd up with the catalog update/change so there's no telling at the moment.

Originally Posted by SportCardBuffet View Post
3. Any card under .75 doesn't get charges a storage fee? Is that forever is is it some kind of extended window? I believe I read the first 90 days for any card is free. - Also it says the 1 cent fee is charged on items listed for sale only, so if I don't price it they don't charge the storage fee or is there other optins besides selling?
Free forever (as long as the policy doesn't change). Correct on not-for-sale items. No fee.

Originally Posted by SportCardBuffet View Post
4. Do they have times when processing is free/discounted, if so when's the next promo
I think the $20 off for 1st time submissions is always going on. Otherwise usually around Nationals and Black Friday.
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