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"They take 20% if you cash out. But as far as COMC credit, yes, $0.26 would mean you made $0.01 on the sale. However, keep in mind you pay to ship the cards to them so depending on the batch size and how much shipping cost you, you're probably looking at at least a few cents per card in shipping costs. Also, most buyers will see the price as $0.51 since they have $0.25 tacked on for shipping in simplified shipping mode. Most flippers will still see $0.26 though, as they opt not to pay the $0.25 shipping up front."

That's what I was wondering as well, that's .25 that goes to COMC then? What are the other options besides simplified shipping and is there a difference or is it just the flipper/reseller mode?

Thanks for all the answers.
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