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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
Still cant believe that this card is in here:
If i pull it in my case I will be going the legal route since I know 100% the auto is fake...Tyrke didnt sign in Exq this year!!!

I don't think the Auto is fake. Someone on the message boards posted months ago about a trip he made to a show where many players were signing Auto's (including Tyreke). He showed pictures of Tyreke signing the Exquisite card & inscribing it. If you search the forums you'll probably find the post. So, it's probably this card that was bought by Brian Gray & inserted into the packs.

Still, though, Brian Gray shouldn't have put it into this product, but he probably had no idea the card was never insert as an Auto in Exquisite & had to be signed after the product was released which just goes to show that he doesn't do any research at all.

EDIT: I just searched the foums & I made a mistake. The card that someone on here had signed was Brandon Jennings. My mistake. So, unless there is proof that Tyreke signed this card, I would definitely question it & Brian Gray should've done some research before inserting it.

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