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Originally Posted by SportCardBuffet View Post
New question.

I was wondering how soon does my seller account open so I can go into the advanced seller mode to shop for cards? I'm just finalizing what I'm sending in and will likely ship my first batch tomorrow if not Monday.

Just some cards I really want and will just buy them instead now if I'd have to wait the 4+ weeks for processing.

Also when I do go into reseller mode and grab cards or just have cards of my own that I want sent to me is the shipping charge the same as it is for buyers?

Thanks again.
If you're buying stuff to be shipped to you, you want it in simplified buying mode, which is what it is now for you. Just create an account and put some credit on the account and buy stuff up!

The other selling mode is really only if you want to flip cards, because it doesn't make you pay the $0.25 shipping and handling fee up front so you save that fee. But if you have the card shipped you then have to pay that $0.25.

So 10 cards in simplified mode, when you ship you pay $3 shipping.

Buy 10 cards in advanced reseller mode, at first they're $2.50 cheaper which is cool but when you ship you'll pay $5.50 ($3 plus $2.50) to ship the cards. And even though it's the same money, some people get freaked out by all that money on the back end, so it's easier to just stay in simplified mode if you're buying stuff to ship to you and not resell on COMC.
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