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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
how would u mess up payments??? you know how much you need...sounds like you need to slow down on group breaks if you cant handle all the payments coming in at once. Shouldnt be too hard to see what people are paying for by them commenting on the page as paid and also putting there name in the payment....or am i missing something???
I don't know why you are so adamant about him putting off getting this filled and paid up. Used to be a time on this site where we didn't have to worry about filling a bunch of unpaid slots and people backing out. The deadline has been set for a couple of months and everyone has had plenty of time. He said he had several on the reserve list say they are no longer interested so I see nothing wrong with opening it up to those who can and are willing to pay tonight.

Maybe you are feeling sympathetic to those who don't stick to their end of agreements since you just flaked on the Sterling break last week. Tsk Tsk, thought honoring commitments was something they taught in the military. Maybe you shouldn't join more breaks than your checking account can afford.

Beans, I will pick up anything not spoken for at 9pm tonight,just let me know.
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