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Originally Posted by upsbroker06 View Post
I don't know why you are so adamant about him putting off getting this filled and paid up. Used to be a time on this site where we didn't have to worry about filling a bunch of unpaid slots and people backing out. The deadline has been set for a couple of months and everyone has had plenty of time. He said he had several on the reserve list say they are no longer interested so I see nothing wrong with opening it up to those who can and are willing to pay tonight.

Maybe you are feeling sympathetic to those who don't stick to their end of agreements since you just flaked on the Sterling break last week. Tsk Tsk, thought honoring commitments was something they taught in the military. Maybe you shouldn't join more breaks than your checking account can afford.

Beans, I will pick up anything not spoken for at 9pm tonight,just let me know.
I think its so funny for not so tough guys to talk big about things they dont know about. I was interested in the break at the time I signed up. Then I paid for something else and didnt have funds for that break. See us military people are taught to have a budget to go off of and my card collecting budget was spent for the month. I have sold a few things since then to get my funds back the whole checking account thing...I just returned from a TAX FREE 13 month deployment overseas and have more then most people on this site saved in my savings/checking account. So dont come at me with this bull crap. again ill say I know he had a deadline for the break thats not the problem. The thing im getting at is that he wants to have people responding to his messages within a few hours in the middle of the day. Give a 24 hr period for them to respond and if they dont want in then move on to someone else...too easy
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