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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
I think its so funny for not so tough guys to talk big about things they dont know about. I was interested in the break at the time I signed up. Then I paid for something else and didnt have funds for that break. See us military people are taught to have a budget to go off of and my card collecting budget was spent for the month. I have sold a few things since then to get my funds back the whole checking account thing...I just returned from a TAX FREE 13 month deployment overseas and have more then most people on this site saved in my savings/checking account. So dont come at me with this bull crap. again ill say I know he had a deadline for the break thats not the problem. The thing im getting at is that he wants to have people responding to his messages within a few hours in the middle of the day. Give a 24 hr period for them to respond and if they dont want in then move on to someone else...too easy
Whatever, not getting into a pssing match with some rambo wannabe. All I have to say is run your breaks your way and let WSMB run his breaks the way he wants to.
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