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Originally Posted by SethMurphy View Post
asking for some opinions on a couple starting spots

Wide Receiver - choose 1
Michael Crabtree vs. Seattle
Bernard Berrian vs. New Orleans
Hakeem Nicks vs. Carolina

Running Back - choose 2
Beanie Wells vs. St. Louis
Arian Foster vs. Indianapolis
LeSean McCoy vs. Green Bay
Michael Turner vs. Pittsburgh
I'd say Bernard Berrian against NO. I think its going to be another shoot-out game with passing like crazy!

I think you have to start Michael Turner just for the fact that he is Michael Turner. I would go with Arian Foster as the 2nd. Eagles will probably be playing catch-up most the game witch translates to less rushing. Wnd, will AZ even be able to move the ball anymore...who knows? Big question mark!
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