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Default 2013-14 Court Kings Case...1 sic hit

Broke a case of Court Kings. All FS/FT

Not including the Art Nouveau, portraits, and a buncha other numbered stuff. If you're looking for anything/one just PM me.

Box Toppers: Lebron, Larry Bird, Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis (3x), James Harden, Kobe, Jason Kidd, Nash, Shaq, Garnett, Rondo, Isiah Thomas (not the rookie), Kevin Love

Regular hits:
Sketches and Swatches: Tiago Splitter, Luis Scola
Performance Art: Joe Johnson, Mario Chalmers, Chandler Parsons, Omer Asik, James Harden, Carmelo, Matt Barnes
Gallery of Stars: Paul Pierce, Durant (2x), Iguodala, Raymond Felton
Sovereign Sigs: Jalen Rose
Vintage Materials: Jim Jackson, Pippen
Impressionist Ink Auto: Hornacek (bunch more but this was the highlight)

Now the good stuff.

Pierce and Horry are /25, AD is just a nice fun card. Crawford is 10/10 and is probably the sickest patch I've ever seen.

Oh and that sic hit I mentioned?

KD Box Topper auto! This is FS/FT but it's going to have to be one heck of an offer...Don't ask what I want for it. PM me an offer otherwise, I'm keepin it!
Focusing on Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, Grant Hill, JJ Redick, and other old timey Lakers (i.e. Magic, Kareem)

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