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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
I sent my doupe in to Mr. Gray Friday. He emailed me personally to tell me he was sorry for that and didn't know how it could have happened. He said he is sending another box and a gift for my troubles. I'll post the results when they get in!! I have to say his customer service is one of the best around!!
And he told you to post this here also I am sure, thats his MO. Screw up, cry that he is just a collector like us and then tell you to post your positive experience here on the website. Best part is he dont know how it happened YET this is like the 6th time I heard people getting dupes. I am glad to see he sits on boxes he hand packaged, good thing nothing can go wrong there hahaha

Classic used car salesman, except this one has minions who will lie through their teeth for him only to change face months later. You know real reputable people.

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