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Care to block a seller? My butt is still chapped on this. Would love to know if anyone can confirm if the two are the same or connected.

But won this via auction on 7/30 for 25 delivered (a little lower than the going rate, as confirmed as the other seller took a BO at 36 delivered). Paid 7/31 (think it ended late 7/30), but none the less promptly.

2007 Sweet Spot Classic Signatures Wade Boggs #15/15 - eBay (item 260641809879 end time Jul-30-10 08:30:02 PDT)

..but anyways no response to multiple emails asking about the status of the card. Filed disupte (which I just won today) after I saw this posted on ebay....

07 SWEET SPOT CLASSIC BAT BARRELL AUTO WADE BOGGS 15/15 - eBay (item 400148109369 end time Aug-31-10 15:42:07 PDT)

Interesting thing of note. What I can't figure out since I've never bought from lscantcard is weither or not they are the same person or maybe just a friend reselling something (also possible two dealers and one accidently sold it to the other, but then again an email and a refund would of been fair..although still not happy since its one less in my PC :rant:

robstarcards - location on eBay is "Indianapolis, IN" (per my email zip is 46259).
lscantcard - location on ebay is "Greenwood, In" (distance I'm guessing is 10 miles).
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