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Default My Bigger money league FFL draft

I did my last money league draft tonight and its my highest entry fee draft. I am split on this team as again I went kind of slim at a main position, this time, I think at RB, heres the results by round

1st- Andre Johnson WR
2nd- Steven Jackson RB
3rd- Deangelo Williams RB
4th- Ryan Mathews RB
5th- Joe Flacco QB I had to have him, I like him
6th- Vernon Davis TE
7th- Brett Favre QB
8th- Dwayne Bowe WR
9th- Marion Barber RB
10th- Malcolm Floyd WR
11th- Robert Meachem WR
12th- Darren McFadden RB
13th- Laurance Maroney RB
14th- Lee Evans WR
15th- Titans D/ST will change after first few weeks probly
16th- Bironas K

What do you think, I freaked a couple times and picked people earlier than I wanted too but I like the overall potential of this team and my byes play out well
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