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Default Ebay changes for the Fall....

Important Reminder for Sellers: Fall Updates Going Live

Important Reminder for Sellers: Fall Updates Going Live | eBay Announcement Page

Attention sellers! The following updates, originally announced on July 13th, are now live or coming soon. With the holiday selling season just around the corner, these updates are designed to help you take full advantage of the increased holiday traffic, maximize sales, and streamline your operations.

* Industry-standard shipping terms—Economy , Standard, Expedited, and One-day—are coming the week of September 20th. These shipping options will be displayed prominently along with estimated delivery time on the item page and in checkout. Listings will be automatically updated with the new terms. If you currently use “Standard Flat Rate Shipping”, “Expedited Flat Rate Shipping” or “Other (see description)” you may want to update your listings with one or more of the new options.

* New shopping experience for iPod/MP3 players, GPS, and DVDs. Starting September 20, listing these items with the eBay catalog will be required—including Good ‘Til Cancelled listings—and you pay no Insertion Fees when you list or relist with the catalog. To learn how to maximize sales in these categories within eBay’s new shopping experience, participate in our free live webinar September 9, 2010 at 10:30 AM PST. Space is limited so register now!

More updates to streamline your operations:

Available now:

* Customize your Automated Answers (Smart FAQ) to handle questions buyers ask you most often. Automated Answers is now enabled for all sellers.
* Purchase low-cost insurance with ShipCover when you pay for shipping and print labels right on eBay.
* Use Unpaid Item Assistant to relist items automatically when an unpaid item case closes and the buyer still hasn’t paid.
* “Ask a question” link now appears further down the item page for 50% of buyers. If it continues to be successful in reducing questions and setting the right buyer expectations upfront without negative impact on purchases, it will be launched for all buyers by the end of 2010.

Available week of September 7:

* Use the eBay Listing Analytics application to track the performance of your listings. It’s free!
* Pass on your shipping discounts to your buyers with the Shipping Calculator.
* Take advantage of more shipping options for special domestic areas including Alaska and Hawaii.
* Use enhanced My Messages to manage your buyer emails.

Available week of September 13:

* Bulk edit more fields, revise up to 500 listings at once.

For more information, see the original announcement and a complete overview of the Fall Seller Update. Use our handy 2010 Seller Checklist to stay on top of important changes.

Note: This announcement was updated at 10:25 AM PT with the correct launch date for industry-standard shipping terms (week of September 20th). We apologize for the incorrect date announced earlier.
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