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So you're saying Andre Johnson went #7, which means Randy Moss slipped to #18?!?! And DeAngelo Williams slipped to #31?!?!? Which means either Rivers or Pierre Thomas slipped to #55?!?!? Which means #79 was either A.Foster or Forte?!?! So I guess that means you got Witten at #90?!?!

I don't care if this was each of the other 11 owners first time playing fantasy football, there is virtually no way that could happen! I mean, I believe you because who would feel the need to come on here and lie about a fantasy football team... but part of me would like to see what the complete results of that draft looked like, because it really makes no sense. Even for a 10 team league some of that would be hard to believe. Well, I hope your brother cuts you in on any winnings, and maybe joins a more competitive league next year.
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