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Originally Posted by S.U.I.Z.I.D. View Post
There are plenty of cards that were pulled yet there are tons of other cards including logomen that are still available. This product is loaded. There are sick quad auto cards (Kobe/Shaq/Dirk/Kidd for example), true logomen, and low #'ed cards. There are tons of great hits to be had.
I don't know I am usually not too lucky in these breaks lately. You know the Deron Williams 1/1 logoman Auto that was pulled by crazymj in one of his groupl breaks? Yeah I had the lakers in that one which I can't be too upset I got a Kobe Prime Auto-Biography Auto /10, Gasol Jersey/Auto /10, 3 regular Kobe Jersies, and 2 base cards. The thing is ewalk22 the guy running this break actually offered me the Jazz and somebody else plus paypal for the Lakers and I almost took it but passed. LOL if I wouldn't of passed I would of got the Deron 1/1 logoman auto that was sold before the break was over I think or close to it.
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