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With only one way to pay, they will drive off buyers. I always accept M.O. or personal checks (clear first) and offer discounts for those who pay that way. I'd rather give the buyer a discount than give Feebay/Paypal their cut. They are nothing more than Greedy, and their day is coming. Just ask Comcast. They had been raising our rates for a good 10 years straight until Fios came to town. I know of 6 people around me who jumped from Comcast to Fios immediately. Comcast had total domination, but now are losing their shirts.

Same thing will happen to Feebay. It's just a matter of time. Really, only 1 way to pay. They need to get the stick up out of their a** and listen to the complaints. Oh wait, Comcast didn't care and looked what happened. Guess Feebay will follow shortly.

My 2 cents.

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