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Originally Posted by Hail24 View Post
I don't know I am usually not too lucky in these breaks lately. You know the Deron Williams 1/1 logoman Auto that was pulled by crazymj in one of his groupl breaks? Yeah I had the lakers in that one which I can't be too upset I got a Kobe Prime Auto-Biography Auto /10, Gasol Jersey/Auto /10, 3 regular Kobe Jersies, and 2 base cards. The thing is ewalk22 the guy running this break actually offered me the Jazz and somebody else plus paypal for the Lakers and I almost took it but passed. LOL if I wouldn't of passed I would of got the Deron 1/1 logoman auto that was sold before the break was over I think or close to it.

yep i lucked out on that one. pulled the 1/1 logoman auto and sold for a healthy profit befpre nreak was even over. bought some super nice kobe auto's with the money!!!
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