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Default 2009/10 National Treasures case team break draft

2009/10 national treasures basketball case. cant get enough of this stuff. going to do a little different. this will be a draft. each person gets to pick there team. there are 30 teams and will be 30 slots. after slots filled the participants slots will be randomed by a mod. whoever gets slot #1 will get first pick of team and so on until all 30 have picked.

draft will start as soon as slots are randomed and will take place on this thread. this should not take long at all and should be done by time case arrives for busting. as soon as you pick please pm the next person. should be fun getting to pick your own team. trading and selling of picks is fine just please both post and confirm so i can keep front page updated.

draft will take place live on blogtv

include username in description please


1. mswift69-----LAKERS
2. mickdapug-----CELTICS
3. sunnydrew3-----CLIPPERS
4. primecardz-----KINGS
5. primecardz-----WARRIORS
6. pikeman80-----BUCKS
7. hickson#21-----THUNDER
8. mswift69-----SPURS
9. mswift69-----HORNETS
10. sunnydrew3-----BULLS
11. jmarcum611982-----NUGGETS
12. iloveturbos-----RAPTORS
13. ewalk22-----76ERS
14. primecardz-----ROCKETS
15. pikeman80-----TWOLVES
16. packattack419-----MAVS
17. jbarnett83-----NETS
18. selfdestruct808-----BLAZERS
19. hatcher-----PACERS
20. dacubsp-----KNICKS
21. iloveturbos-----GRIZZLIES
22. primecardz-----SUNS
23. mswift69-----PISTONS
24. ewalk22-----HAWKS
25. jmarcum611982-----BOBCATS
26. esaslo-----JAZZ
27. mswift69-----CAVS
28. primecardz-----HEAT
29. esaslo-----MAGIC
30. ewalk22-----WIZARDS

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