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Originally Posted by Cubfan86 View Post
Ok. This is a rant but I think a very legit one.
I ordered 5 cases of Topps UFC Series from Blowout cards. I have a huge chunk of $$ invested in this product. I know that busting wax is a gamble but if the product delivers, as stated in the checklist, it should not be a big loser.
I busted 24 boxes and the results were not just poor but brutal to say the least. The only 2 bigger name Autos I pulled were Rashad Evans and Randy Couture. No Lesnar,Liddell,Ortiz,Sanchez,St-Pierre,Edgar,Jon Jones,Gracie,Penn, etc....
Once again I know it is a gamble but of the autos I pulled there was nothing but the same guys over and over. I pulled multiple Autos of 11 guys Including 3 of Carlos Condit and 2 were in the same BOX!!!!!
And to make matters worse I only pulled 1 numbered auto in 2 cases. Thats 24 boxes with only base Autos (no big names) and 1 Auto #/88 of Patrick Cote!
So while you might think Woe is me this is when it gets interesting. One of the main reasons I purchased this product, as did a lot of other people, was the First Autograph cards of some Big name fighters. Well after doing some research and checking hundreds of box break, Ebay, etc it looks as though Topps has forgotten to include these Autos ALL TOGETHER!!!
There is not one MATT HUGHES,YOSHIHIRO AKIYAMA,MIRKO CRO COP,TAKANORI GOMI,RACHELLE LEAH,Paul Daley so far. That was the whole reason I bought these cases in the first place. How is that possible?
I am now going to lose close to $1000 and I am just plain sick!!
I need to figure out a way to contact Topps and see what they can do about this situation.
Rant over

Sorry about your loss. However, I doubt Topps will do anything. Brent cracked 25 cases of A&G and didn't pull one Stras mini - and they just said better luck next time.
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