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It seems like Topps has zero quality control in any of their products as of late. A TON of damaged cards, missing hits, too many redemptions, and just overall lack of quality. It is really sad that they shove crap down collectors throats and the best they can do is better luck next time. This is one of the main reasons I'm going back to just buying singles.

I did pick up some boxes of Series 4 and I see alot of problems with the product. Honestly I think it's very bland. Like you mentioned before these big 1st year autos have yet to surface, and you are seeing the same guys over and over again. Same old boring mat relics and fight gear and where last year the auto/relic was a hit per box, this year they are the bigger hits. IMO you have a very common card-1 per box, and the next year it's supposed to be a bigger hit, it waters down the product = not very exciting. It has carried over to the secondary market and resell value is really low. Big step back from last years product.
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