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Default Basketball Case Voting!

Basketball Ultimate in Group Breaks!

This is a last ditch effort before blowout runs out of these products!

A. Upper Deck Premier
Est. 50$ per slot

B. Upper Deck Ultimate Collection (48 slots)
Est. 29$ per slot
-6 Slots deuxmachinax

C. SPX Basketball (Cheap and fun break)
Est. 15$ per slot

(If anyone has a product to add, just post it and I'll add to the list)

I don't think I have enough cred to host any of these, but if anyone is willing, I'm fully capable of doing a real live break, through a webcam using some sort of IM software, I can scan the cards and post the video on youtube as well.

I'll tally up the votes and hopefully we get something out of this.
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Low-End Kobe and Kevin Durant autos.
Topps Signature Autographs that I don't have (CP3, Dennis Rodman, Ray Allen, Eric Gordon, Russel Westbrook)

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