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Default Pics! Selling ASM 129 and 135, Silver Surfer #3. Cheap!

Selling my ASM 129 and 135 and Silver Surfer #3 with extras!!! The 129 is in great shape. Has some spine lines and one corner is nicked. Could use a good clean and press to bump it up to a 7.5. A good book!!! The 135 has some stress lines along the spine as well and 2 small lines on the lower right side. And to make it fair, I will throw in a Silver Surfer #3 in great condition except the spine needs to be pressed out and there is a faint line in the upper right corner. After a good press....... a solid book!!! I would do it myself and submit them to cgc but I don't have the time and my account needs to be renewed. One reason why I need the cash, LOL.

All this together for $450.00 shipped!

Amazing Spider-Man #129 ( I paid $500.00 for this book alone!!!)

Amazing Spider-Man #135

Silver Surfer #3

I got to tell ya guys, I forgot how good this book looked!!! One good press and you have a solid book. There is a faint line but still a very solid book!!! I would say 6.5 graded!!!! I honestly wanted to keep it, but hey, ya can't keep everything :-)

And the freebees.........yes the freebees........ I included some variants....... A unopened combo pack of transformers gen 2 #1, GI Joe #140,141,142
sets of astonishing x-men #1-4, amazing x-men #1-4 age of apocalypse edition unopened with card sets unopened, Last of Us #1 2nd print, a Watch Dogs Cel, I mean a ton of stuff, but hey this is Comic Book Junkies!!! So I know all will enjoy!!!!

Note: The GI:Joe's 140-142 seem to be going up for some reason..$25.00 for the whole set!!! Worth Getting!!!

Asking $450 for the whole kitnkaboodle!!!!!

First I will take it gets it!



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