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Originally Posted by JOHNJOHNNY View Post
A break of 2010 threads football

had the vikings and eagles.

yea, that's the last time i do that shi*.

I think there was 1 person that walked away with nothing. The 49ers and chargers got many many hits.

No way in the world am I ever paying again with a chance to walk away with nothing.

Plus the break sucked for everybody. i think the case hit was a ronnie brown patch auto #/5. No rookies (good) were pulled except for matthews and no star autograph was pulled.

Overall suckiness!!!

I'll do hit breaks all day long.
Win some, u lose some, just did a platinum GB case 1, no Browns autos, 2nd case had 3 browns autos. Guess which one I had. Looking forward to my Topps Chrome Break, Ravens, Arizona, 49ers

Besides how would you feel if you pulled a nice Glen Coffee Patch Auto/5 or that (insert unsigned draftee here) in your hit break, your luck is still the same. If you are not ready to gamble not the hobby for you. Otherwise, roll the dice because the way I see it you are due. Then again so am I.

Good luck
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