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Originally Posted by Craig View Post
I think he Lindsay award is the more impressive since it's peers voting, so congrats to Crosby.
definitely nice to get that kind of acknowledgment from your peers. especially considering all the hate he catches.

Gretzky made some supportive comments recently about Crosby too. he seems to be a fan.

anyway.... on to next season.

fyi ----

Odds to win the 2014-15 Stanley Cup

Boston Bruins 8-1
Chicago Blackhawks 8-1
Los Angeles Kings 12-1 (no respect)
Pittsburgh Penguins 12-1 (best opening odds for a while)
St. Louis Blues 12-1

anyone have any non-homer predictions? (i'm predicting the Pens will win the Cup)

prediction - Blackhawks miss the playoffs... with the end of rumspringa Toews returns to his amish community and the team falls apart.

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