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Originally Posted by blowoutcards View Post
I think most of you had fun with the WEEK 2 Promo so we'll try it again for WEEK 3:

BLOWOUTCARDS is Giving Away some FB Boxes.

Here's the PROMO:

1) Pick the RUNNING BACK who will have the most Rushing Yards in WEEK 3

2) Pick the QUARTERBACK who will have the most Passing Yards in WEEK 3
3) Pick the WIDE RECIEVER who will have the most Receiving yards in WEEK 3

If anyone gets all 3 will get a Box of Cards ! Multiple winners also ! (If there are no winners, we'll choose a posting at random)

4) ADDED Twist...Guess the combined # of yards of all 3 and get a FREE Box also !!!!

Some Rules:
1) Cutoff is 1PM EST on Sunday 09/26
2) 1 Entry per member. No changes allowed.
3) Most important....HAVE FUN !

Thanks again for your continued business and support on our Forums !
Chris Johnson
Aaron Rodgers
Andre Johnson
612 yards combined
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