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Originally Posted by oregonthunder View Post
Very good point. It is all a risk. It's a risk just opening a pack. But if it is going to be done it should be done right. I have no problem if the random is done live and not pre-recorded.

But just for scenario's sake (not at all pointing fingers or making accusations, I am not saying anybody on this forum does this. ) Lets say the guy making the break has about four other buddies who are buying a few slots a piece. That would cover 8 teams of the 32 teams or 25% of the break. Not having the random live is just the same as him playing Eeny, meeny, miny, moe as far as I am concerned, because I will not know any different.

It's all a risk. But there is a difference between calculated risk and dumb risk. I just want everything to be fair and clear up any confusion that could cause myself or anybody else for that matter to question the process if they feel shorted, or if the break does not go their way.

I am not saying anything about this break. I was referring to all breaks on this forum in general. It was a general question. Like I said, if the random is done live I have no problems with it.
Is this your first break?
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